Sunday, November 27, 2011

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I'm sorry I neglected this blog so badly.....but....

I. am. a. bad. girl. I haven't posted in nearly a year. That is pitiful. I should be spanked hard for that one. Why oh why did I neglect my blog so badly? Why oh why did I entirely forget I had one?

The answer is simple. A combination of pot smoke and a lot of time spent WORKING!

Since I was last here the following things have happened.

PEACH MELBA- my collaboration with the amazing Juan MacLean came out in the summer to great acclaim and amazing reviews! Pitchfork, URB, XLR8R, and Little White Earbuds all gave it great shouts. I'm so happy people dug some really incredible house music that we made together, and in 2012 I know we plan to do more, release more, so stay tuned on that.... Put Peach Melba DFA into a search engine and make sure if you've not picked up a copy you get it!!

SAZON BOOYA- I've worked now with these incredible men of Moombahton twice and it just keeps getting better. La Arana Negra made quite a dent over the summer, and I just completed vox for a track called Demonio! Stay tuned on that one!

SPF 5000- My project here in Boston lit a fire in January that spread like a wildfire. We released White Hot Fantasy back in May on Top Billin, P.O.T.S. in Sept on Top Billin and currently have a hot track called Paraiso out on Nurvous (Nervous Records's imprint). There are remixes galore on all the tracks mentioned from DJ Sega, Scottie B, Lazaro Casanova, Hex Hector, Walker and Royce, Dances with White Girls, Cobra Krames and more more more!!! We released two mixtapes since Enthusiasm is Contagious, one called Soul Glo for Nicky Digital, whose CMJ event we rocked in October, and one for Top Billin x JUNO. And we're just getting started. A video for both P.O.T.S. and our upcoming single Nicky Digital are coming!

I've got feature vocals coming out with the amazing Lazaro Casanova, he of Miami's MURK and PetFood Label, and the amazing KON and I have been working on something completely hot. If you thought you heard a lot from me in 2011, just you wait....2012 I've got a LOT cookin and more hot beats and treats for your ears....


I've begun initial pre-production on a TV show which I'll be filming on location here in Somerville in my pad o' pleasure, based on my Rocktails Cocktail Book, and until then, I've begun a series of Whisky Tastings and Reviews on Youtube, under the moniker THE WHISKY BITCH. Things are already well underway there, having uploaded 12 episodes that cover Single Malt Scotch, Bourbon and Rye thus far and we're just getting started there as well!!!!

So with that, there will be more coming and in addition I hereby solemnly swear to never neglect this blog again, no matter how lazy, shiftless, slackery and often stoned I am. I promise.