Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Favorite 20 Things of 2011

Well hello there. I have to keep remembering I have a blog, which is BAD. Bad Bad Wicked Zoot!!!!

But seeing as how ERRRRRRRRYBODY is doing their best of 2011 lists.....I figured.....well....MIGHT AS WELL DO IT TOO!!

Here it is....my favorite things in 2011

1. The Muppets. Sat there in a theater full of kids my own age, laughing and crying simultaneously.

2. Adele is the tipping point. Adele's 21 album while not on anything resembling constant rotation in the house of Amy, proves that fodder never sustains, but real talent does.

3. The Lana Del Ray Frenzy. Is she a viable notable artist worth the hoopla? Is she a fraud created by the last vestiges of the Music Industry, who seemingly knew how to get hipster trendmonkeys to jump when they said jump? Who cares? Nothing better than a front row seat at "The Emperor Wears No Clothes..."

4. Peach Melba Shameless self promo of course, but my project with DFA's Juan MacLean was not only my real house breakthrough, but it proved to be a huge influence in a ton of music I'd start working on for 2012

5. Cee Lo- Now I've been a HUUUUUUGE fan of this man since Goodie Mob and since his first solo album Cee Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections, but I guess when people really can sing and have viable talent, it takes a little while for the fine people of the globe to notice (see Adele). This man not only wrote the greatest song of the last 10 years (Crazy, for the Gnarls Barkley project) but he followed up said song with another one of the greatest songs of the last 10 years with Fuck You, a pure Motown-esque number in the vein of The Four Tops "I Can't Help Myself" and "Same Old Song" I love Cee Lo. Give me Cee Lo Radio 24-7

6. Bruins win the Cup. Okay, I'm a Noo Yawkah, always have been, always will be, but I do live in Somerville, MA now, and I was a B's fan before I left. To see them bring home the Cup after some 30 years was a huge treat, and watching my husband weep with joy, was a sweet thing to watch.

7. Nicky Digital's CMJ event- It was a horrific day weather wise, the driving was stressful, my group SPF 5000 thought we'd die at least 10 times that day, we didn't eat, we didn't get a chance to rest, but when we hit the stage, half blind with exhaustion and shaking with hunger, WHO FUCKIN CARED? We rocked it, we got to meet awesome people, and we created a theme song for Nicky that will be released in 2012 with an awesome video!

8. SPF 5000 I do a LOT of things musically but my Boston based project SPF 5000 had a really fantastic debut year. Three releases, great collaborations, silly wonderful great makings for a great future, and that our city Boston embraced us so warmly made it all the better. From playing Cool Ranch with the notorious (and awesome) Bodega Girls, to playing the Together Festival, it was a great year to be SPF

9. The Femme MC Army- Not since the 80's and 90's have there been this many women MC's doing their thang from Nicki Minaj to V Nasty, Azealia Banks, Dominique Young Unique, Kreayshawn, etc.... the ladies are back, demanding respect and letting loose with a slew of choice words.

10. Florence Welch's Clothing- I really enjoy Florence and the Machine, and Ceremonials is a great album, but THAT WOMAN CAN DRESS!!!!!! I swear I keep up with what she does just to see what she wears, as much as I enjoy her music!

11. Kelly Osbourne Watching her rise from what could have been your average run of the mill "damanged offspring of a famous person" routine into a style icon, and witty personality has been very enjoyable. She steals the show on Fashion Police away from Joan a lot of the time and THAT is a feat!!!

12. Marc Jacob's S/S 2011 collection- It had to be too good to be true. An entire Marc Jacob's collection which hearkened back to the glory days of Studio 54. Colors were opulent, cuts were incredible, it will possibly go down as one of his greatest ever. Then just like that? Poof. Gone. Sigh.

13. Boehner finally Blinks- We call him John Boner around my house for good reason. But when he finally blinked with regard to extending the payroll tax cuts for the middle class, I stood up and cheered. Obama didn't cave, and maybe he'll actually grow a pair, considering that this time, he played a game of chicken and didn't pull first!

14. OWS- It's kind of a hot mess, disorganized, and leaderless, but that it still continues to grow as a movement and is the best shot we have for the first steps we can take to restore our nation and tip it toward becoming progressive, makes me very happy.

15. Marcus Dowling and anything he wrote- Marcus is a passionate and very savvy music journalist from the DC area, and when he started 32org a virtual manifesto about how EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE, I applauded his intense focus, bravery and unwillingness to follow the fold. Here is a man who will shame you out of your apathy and bad choices. BRAVO!

16. Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon- Fearful that this INTENSELY hard to find product would no longer resemble the Stitzel Weller Reserve product that bourbonheads adore, the new releases of pure Buffalo Trace Whisky prove to be JUST AS GOOD, but still hard to find. Good thing I snagged me two bottles!

17. NCLA NAILWRAPS- foils and slap on decals of already ready to rock nailpolish???? SOOOO THERE!!!!

18. Herman Cain's Fall- Talk about going out with a BANG! Very satisfying to watch a complete dickhead of epic proportions get his clock cleaned publicly

19. Nile Rodgers- My hero since I can even remember, this man fought Cancer bravely, with dignity, traced it's pathology on his blog, wrote his autobiography, and continues to fight and tour with Chic and continues to produce epic amazing music. I have always loved and admired Nile, I love him all the more now.

20. Gay Marriage is approved in NYC- Need I say MORE??????


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review 11: Ardbeg Uigeadail

Review 10: Lagavulin 16

Review 9: George T. Stagg

Review 8: Aberlour A'bunadh

Review 7: Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength

Review 6: Glendronach 15 Year Old Revival / Sherry Cask

Review 5: Parker Heritage Gold Anniversary

Review 4: Rittenhouse Rye 100

Review 3: Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

Review 2: Ardbeg Alligator

Review 1: Ardbeg Corryvrecken pt2

Review 1: Ardbeg Corryvrecken pt1


I'm sorry I neglected this blog so badly.....but....

I. am. a. bad. girl. I haven't posted in nearly a year. That is pitiful. I should be spanked hard for that one. Why oh why did I neglect my blog so badly? Why oh why did I entirely forget I had one?

The answer is simple. A combination of pot smoke and a lot of time spent WORKING!

Since I was last here the following things have happened.

PEACH MELBA- my collaboration with the amazing Juan MacLean came out in the summer to great acclaim and amazing reviews! Pitchfork, URB, XLR8R, and Little White Earbuds all gave it great shouts. I'm so happy people dug some really incredible house music that we made together, and in 2012 I know we plan to do more, release more, so stay tuned on that.... Put Peach Melba DFA into a search engine and make sure if you've not picked up a copy you get it!!

SAZON BOOYA- I've worked now with these incredible men of Moombahton twice and it just keeps getting better. La Arana Negra made quite a dent over the summer, and I just completed vox for a track called Demonio! Stay tuned on that one!

SPF 5000- My project here in Boston lit a fire in January that spread like a wildfire. We released White Hot Fantasy back in May on Top Billin, P.O.T.S. in Sept on Top Billin and currently have a hot track called Paraiso out on Nurvous (Nervous Records's imprint). There are remixes galore on all the tracks mentioned from DJ Sega, Scottie B, Lazaro Casanova, Hex Hector, Walker and Royce, Dances with White Girls, Cobra Krames and more more more!!! We released two mixtapes since Enthusiasm is Contagious, one called Soul Glo for Nicky Digital, whose CMJ event we rocked in October, and one for Top Billin x JUNO. And we're just getting started. A video for both P.O.T.S. and our upcoming single Nicky Digital are coming!

I've got feature vocals coming out with the amazing Lazaro Casanova, he of Miami's MURK and PetFood Label, and the amazing KON and I have been working on something completely hot. If you thought you heard a lot from me in 2011, just you wait....2012 I've got a LOT cookin and more hot beats and treats for your ears....


I've begun initial pre-production on a TV show which I'll be filming on location here in Somerville in my pad o' pleasure, based on my Rocktails Cocktail Book, and until then, I've begun a series of Whisky Tastings and Reviews on Youtube, under the moniker THE WHISKY BITCH. Things are already well underway there, having uploaded 12 episodes that cover Single Malt Scotch, Bourbon and Rye thus far and we're just getting started there as well!!!!

So with that, there will be more coming and in addition I hereby solemnly swear to never neglect this blog again, no matter how lazy, shiftless, slackery and often stoned I am. I promise.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can you DIG IT?

Ohhhhh baby! Ever since I moved to Somerville, MA, I've been just completely taken by the music scene and art culture of my surroundings. One of the coolest things about Boston, is The Dig, which I read like a hungry rabid animal every week, as it instructs me and the great readers of Boston where to eat, go, shop, hang, dance, cry, watch movies, be retarded and just plain live life to the max. It's the magazine that clearly has it's finger on the pulse, and it's editor in chief, David Day is not only the man ensuring that we all know what's UP, he is a fantastic and well respected DJ in his own right, (see the film Speaking In Code and you will walk away in AWE).

Well turns out, Benjamin Gray, awesome music and IN THE MIX section writer, just graced SPF 5000 in this amazing publication and I must say this recently transplanted NYC girl, really took it to heart. Thank you Weekly Dig, Thank you David, thank you Ben.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Enthusiasm IS Contagious!!!- SPF 5000 DEBUTS!

When I moved to Boston (more succinctly Somerville, MA) from my hometown of NYC, I didn't know what to expect. Would I like it? Would I be able to live here? What would happen to the music? Would I be making music with anyone locally?


SPF 5000 is the duo between myself and Mr. Rob Phillips, uberproducer and bassist. We like dirty house, electro, freestyle, booty bass, if it shakes the subwoofers, it's in our repetoire, and we've released a DJ Mix called Enthusiasm Is Contagious to encompass all the music that influences us, as well as our first Original called "White Hot Fantasy"

Go on over to our fancy SoundCloud Page and take a listen!!!! You'll like it! We promise!