Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can you DIG IT?

Ohhhhh baby! Ever since I moved to Somerville, MA, I've been just completely taken by the music scene and art culture of my surroundings. One of the coolest things about Boston, is The Dig, which I read like a hungry rabid animal every week, as it instructs me and the great readers of Boston where to eat, go, shop, hang, dance, cry, watch movies, be retarded and just plain live life to the max. It's the magazine that clearly has it's finger on the pulse, and it's editor in chief, David Day is not only the man ensuring that we all know what's UP, he is a fantastic and well respected DJ in his own right, (see the film Speaking In Code and you will walk away in AWE).

Well turns out, Benjamin Gray, awesome music and IN THE MIX section writer, just graced SPF 5000 in this amazing publication and I must say this recently transplanted NYC girl, really took it to heart. Thank you Weekly Dig, Thank you David, thank you Ben.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Enthusiasm IS Contagious!!!- SPF 5000 DEBUTS!

When I moved to Boston (more succinctly Somerville, MA) from my hometown of NYC, I didn't know what to expect. Would I like it? Would I be able to live here? What would happen to the music? Would I be making music with anyone locally?


SPF 5000 is the duo between myself and Mr. Rob Phillips, uberproducer and bassist. We like dirty house, electro, freestyle, booty bass, if it shakes the subwoofers, it's in our repetoire, and we've released a DJ Mix called Enthusiasm Is Contagious to encompass all the music that influences us, as well as our first Original called "White Hot Fantasy"

Go on over to our fancy SoundCloud Page and take a listen!!!! You'll like it! We promise!